Dana and Dennis previewed topics to be discussed at the quarterly CCCSFAAA executive board meeting later this morning.  Afterwards, they covered number of news items:

  • A NASFAA article regarding a simulation of the distribution of new HEERF funds to colleges done by ACE and APLU.
  • CSAC released a social media toolkit for the statewide Cash for College workshops.  Contact CSAC for more info.
  • FSA put out an electronic announcement regarding online training on 2021-2022 verification.
  • Dana wants to attend the 2021 NASFAA Leadership Symposium.  Registration just opened!
  • An article on the Chronicle of Higher Education website about how displaced workers have not returned to college during the pandemic.
  • The January release of Governor Newsom's 2021-2022 budget for the state of California.
  • Dennis provided background information for an article by a KPCC reporter posted to the LAist website.

Dennis offered up an "I Dare You To Read" selection of The Problem With Everything: My Journey Through the New Culture Wars by Meghan Daum.


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